Upon first glance, most visitors can feel the rich history emitting from every corner of our Victorian bed and breakfast. Though many are familiar with Addy Sea’s past and its contributions to Bethany Beach’s history as a whole, two major events shifted its course forever. It is also important to understand where we came from to gain a bit more insight.

Addy Sea’s Background

An Old Photo of 3 Women in Front of Addy Sea, a Critical Part of Bethany Beach History.Sitting on the corner of Ocean View Parkway and North Atlantic Avenue, Addy Sea has called coastal Delaware its home since 1901. One of the original settlers in Bethany Beach history, John M. Addy, built the foundation of what we have today for his family as a summer retreat from Pittsburgh. And, because of his background as a plumber, Addy Sea was the first destination in the area to have indoor plumbing and gaslights. On its third generation of owners, Addy Sea remains an icon in Bethany Beach, but it ran into a few bumps along the road.

The Storm of 1927

Though things had been sailing fairly smoothly for Addy Sea in its first few decades, a series of storms ravaged the community in 1927. Knowing changes had to be made, Addy Sea moved west onto a different set of lots. This also led to the sale of the small cottage, “Addy #3” to family friends of the bed and breakfast, the Perrys. Fortunately, just over 60 years later, the cottage was donated back and moved to its current location on Route 26 and is now the Nature Center for Bethany Beach.

An Old Photo of the Addy Sea After the Storm of 1962, a Unique Part of Bethany Beach History.

The Storm of 1962

After the first series of storms, it was hard to imagine worse damage being dealt to the area until the most destructive storm Delaware had ever seen arrived with the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962. What made it even more horrifying was that nobody saw it coming, as March in Delaware is fairly mild, and the weather is a bit more predictable. Even as a surprise to meteorologists, the winds picked up, the tides grew higher, and the storm was bigger than anyone could have anticipated. In the end, it claimed the lives of seven people and kept Addy Sea hanging on by a thread.

History in the Making

Though Addy Sea has faced its fair share of hardships throughout the years, the one constant was the ability to get back up and keep going. Whether it be another storm, a global pandemic, or something else unseen on the horizon, you can bet that Addy Sea will find a way to persevere. If you want to be a part of Bethany Beach’s history and take in Addy Sea’s rich past, please visit us online and forge your own history when you stay with us today!