When the winter blues get you down, there are multiple ways to cope with it. Escapism is a popular tactic that comes in many forms. Here in coastal Delaware, for locals and visitors alike, it comes in the form of shopping. With so many Bethany Beach shops just waiting to be explored, make your set up camp here at Addy Sea. We’ll put you in the perfect position to conquer all the nearby Bethany Beach shops! 

Boutiques on Boutiques 

With its quaint coastal location, it comes as no surprise to find a handful of boutiques among the many Bethany Beach shops. Among the more notable is Japanesque, a staple of the shopping community for over 25 years. This store is more than just a name and offers fun jewelry, stunning clothing, and a variety of knickknacks, including chopsticks and sushi books. And included as an honorary mention (though not technically a boutique), Bethany Beach Books has been a local favorite dating back to 1991. Other fabulous Bethany Beach shops that should definitely be on your list include: 

Rhodes 5 & 10 and More

For a place full of history and life, head to Rhodes 5 & 10. For 50 years and counting, Rhodes 5 & 10 has been a Bethany staple. Their little surf shop that has the likes of toys, beach gear, and excellent customer service. If you’re on a trip away from the kids, don’t forget to grab them something at the Bethany Sea Crest gift shop! Lastly, the aptly-named Fish Tales engages in a more oceanic vibe and offers trendy clothes from brands like Life is Good, Vineyard Vines, and Lily Pulitzer.

Penny Lane Mall Put

The furthest shopping excursion we have for you comes in the form of the Penny Lane Mall. You’ll want to stay bundled up, as this unique shopping experience employs a whimsical, European-inspired outdoor mall setup and features a handful of diverse shops all nestled closely together. You might forget you’re near the beach as you walk through the narrow and brightly-lit streets. Situated in the heart of downtown Rehoboth Beach, you’re sure to find everything you could ever want on a shopping spree! 

Picture of Bethany Beach.Bethany Beach Shops for All

So, whether you’re visiting on a winter getaway or the weather is simply not cooperating, it’s good to know all of the shopping opportunities you’ll have at your disposal. From the charming Penny Lane Mall to the local favorites, shops of all sorts will be just a hop, skip, and a jump away. After a long day shopping, the Addy Sea will be a welcome home to return to. With cozy and spacious rooms, what better place to try on all of your purchases. And don’t forget, Delaware has no sales tax on clothing! Visit us online to plan your shopping spree today.